Saturday, November 21, 2009

From an Email 11/9/2009

The other day, Hermana Bushman and I were walking toward the railroad tracks and as we were passing by a house, we heard a little voice: ¨Mi abuela vive acá¨. We looked around to find the source of this proclamation. Over on the patio washing his feet was this adorable little boy. We walked back a few paces and asked what he said (to verify that he´d really spoken to us). He repeated: ¨My grandma lives here.¨ My companion and I looked at each other and figured, hey he´s random buy why not. So I looked at him and said, ¨Bueno, can we talk with her?¨ Sure! He skipped toward the front door and called his grandma. Turns out she wasn´t around, but another adult woman was there and we talked a bit with her. Soon, 2 other kids appeared, and before we knew it we were making an appointment to come back and talk some more with the whole family. Since then, we´ve met the dad--who is a less active member that got baptised years ago-- and the grandma --who does, in fact, live there just as the boy had announced for no apparent reason the first day we passed. We´re still in the beginning of this story, but I hope to be able to report a happy ending to you all soon. :)

I just thought that was pretty neat.

I have a bout 2 minutes left. Bwah! Again, thank you all for everything. That sounds like a generalization, but I am 100% sincere. I love you all and am so humbled to know and be associated with you.


Smile everyone! The Church is true. The work is rolling forward and we have every reason to rejoice. Share happiness and peace with everyone. There´s not a soul who doesn´t need it.

Hermana Lindquist (¨Lind-guisk-ee¨)