Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hermana Lindquist!

So, in Mary's last email she let us all know that she moved up to advanced Spanish and in doing so moved up her departure date from the MTC, it had been the end of November...now it is OCTOBER 13th!!! That is just over 2 weeks away!
Mary's new BOX # for the MTC is #96, the rest of the address is the same.

If you haven't done so already, go on over to DearElder.com. It is an easy and free way to get messages to Hermana Lindquist.

Here is the letter:

Hello there!
So, you know when missionaries send emails and they always say, "I don't have much time, but...."? Well, that's me now. But hey! I have a few minutes alright!Practical matters:I have been moved to advanced Spanish, meaning the email you received before with my info is wrong. My real info is as follows:I am leaving the MTC (entering the field!!) in about 2 weeks. My departure date is October 13. My MTC mailbox number is 96.Also, turns out that my mission is one of the very few which doesn't require a visa, which is AWESOME because Argentina has been withholding visas or delaying them lately. Which is no fun for people who are going anywhere else in Argentina (I guess Buenos Aires is super special - fine by me!).The MTC is wonderful! I am such a big fan. Amazing blessings and inspiration and clarity come when you're able to devote so much time to studying. There is a ton of studying here. (That's right, 2000 lbs. of studying.) I love learning to listen to the Spirit and learning to let my study be guided by the Lord. Probably the most useful thing to learn.
Ingrid! I know I left you with a bunch of confusing information. Sorry for that. As if I haven't asked enough of you, I'm wondering if you could look through my email account and find the address for the Ninos de Guatemala. The only thing is, that email is probably in Spanish. And actually, I think it's in a facebook message from Guillermo. Don't worry too much about it, but if you *happen* to be rummaging through my personal notes and find that info, I'd be much obliged.
I'm so grateful for this time I have to serve a mission and just as grateful for all of your support. I love our family so much.I didn't bring any of my notes with me to the computer lab, but I should have because there's so much I want to share with you all! I have received so many answers and met many wonderful people and heard/participated in what seems like hundreds of fabulous lessons and talks. Today, we have a General Authority coming to visit. We don't know which one yet though. A few weeks ago Elder Holland was here. He is so popular among missionaries and in missionary work. I mean, the man gets quoted constantly and we review so many of his talks. He's an impressive motivational speaker for missionaries. I know he got me pumped!
My first district and I were like family, and my companions were fabulous (we were a trio). That, however, was in Intermediate Spanish. Yesterday, I moved up to advanced and now I'm with a new district and two new sisters as well. The quickest transfer of my mission, I'm sure. :) I love my new "area" as well and look forward to learning a lot. And yes, I still get to see my old district from time to time. Hooray!Sorry for dwelling so much on the organizational side of what's been going on (and sorry I can't seem to organize my thoughts--there's this timer in the corner of my screen and it's making me anxious). Just want to assure you that there are many people here taking care of me, not the least of which is the Lord Himself. I can tell you that He is so understanding, patient, and merciful. If that weren't the case, the world would have been "burned as stubble" thousands of times by now! Okay, bad reference I guess.
But yeah.TRENTON!! ATHENA!!! AIIIIIDEN! BRELYNN!! I love you all very much. I hope school's going well for Trent and Athena, and that un-school is fun for you two smaller sprouts.I know this church is true. The more I study the first vision, the more I realize how deeply Heavenly Father loves us and how desperately He works (and send others to work) to bring about our salvation and happiness--all summed up in living for Him in eternal life.I love you all! Les quiero tanto.Hasta la proxima vez!

Hermana Lindquist

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