Monday, April 19, 2010

Just Another Magic Monday

...whoooo-u-ooo (I changed it to ¨magic¨ to make it more happy. :) )

This week has been awwwwesome. May the word go forth that when we promise the Lord we´ll be somewhere/do something/whatever, and we stick to the plans we presented him, he puts opportunities for good in our path. The Lord grants missionary opportunities according to our faith (=belief and consecrated work) and requests. This week, Hermana Petrick (who is the best missionary this side of La Plata!) and I were walking down the road. A man passed us on his bike and yelled in English, ¨You speak English?¨ The way Hermana P tells it, I replied ¨Sí!¨ Spanish. Genius. So she shouted ¨Yes! Yeees!¨ and he stopped to talk. He said he´d like to practice English. We said we´d like to teach him about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. A few days later in our first ¨charla¨ with him, he said, ¨I feel like I´m learning two things at once: to speak English, and also about Jesus Christ,¨ he went on, ¨And maybe about myself too.¨ This was about a week or two ago. Since then he´s come to church, met many members, and has set a goal to be baptized. We´ve told Roberto that we´re are just here as guides and that his spiritual journey is strictly between him and his Heavenly Father. And Roberto is walking the path faithfully.

There is a tremendous love that highlights, enhances, and defines the work of the Lord. I often think of Sis. Reas´s (Mami Chula!) voice saying, ¨Love those you serve, and serve those you love.¨ I know without a doubt that God knows each of the people on this earth. He knows their hearts and loves them with a love that is largely incomprehensible. As a missionary of His church, a representative of Jesus Christ, I often feel a great love for these people. I know that Jesus Christ is concerned for them. I know He´s concerned for me, and for my companion, and each member of my family - past, present, and future. It´s altogether inspiring to think of His infinite sacrifice. Interesting to note that joy comes at such a cost. And yet Christ paid the price and offers us joy so freely. Obedience is so key. Obedience brings safety and joy and assurance. I love obeying the Lord. I fall short - boy howdy do I fall short - but I know there really is no end to His love and forgiveness.

For now, I bid adieu. Mostly because the boy next to me is blasting reggeton from his earphones. jajaja

I love you all! I pray for you always! Keep on smiling and helping each other. Thank you so very much for helping me. I owe so much of who I am to so many different people. If you´re reading this, you can rest assured that you´ve had a great impact on my life. That means that you, Ingrid, get to choose who to send this to with care..... JUST kidding. Thank you very much! I love you! Muuucho!!!!

Hermana Lidnquist, no Lindquist. Allí está.

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