Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Howdy Do!

Hiiiiiiiii everyone!

Davíd got baptized! Yay Davíd! It was a lovely baptismal service. And
in church on Sunday, a number of investigators and less active members
came, and everyone felt so good. The Spirit does His job when we give
Him an opportunity. He testified of the truth all day. Many who
attended felt the peace and security that only exists in a clean, holy
atmosphere. What better place than the house of God? In reality, every
home in the world should have that same Spirit. And THAT, my friends,
is the goal. May we share the joy, love, and profound peace that the
Gospel has to offer in every way we can, and in every moment we can.

Some fun charlas: We´re teaching a group of teenage boys the charlas.
They´re all friends of a member in the ward here. I believe there are
many more teenagers who would be studying the scriptures on a
weeknight, happily discussing the doctrines of the Gospel of Jesus
Christ, if they just had the opportunity. Nobody WANTS to choose a
lost, confused life of crime/drugs/lo que sea. So many are steered
that way though. Why not steer them to something good? Give the
peoples an option at least!
That was my mini-rant. Just wait til I have more time to write....

Good news! The Church is true! Okay, so it´s not NEW news, but it´s
still just as important as ever. It´d be a nice front-cover article:
¨Millenium Near, People Happily Preparing.¨

Thanks everyone! I love you mucho and pray for you a toooon.

Hasta la próxima!
Smiles and sunshine,
Hermana Lindquist

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