Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy December!

And hears to another transfer in Monte Grande!! I´m soooo haaappy! (<-that´s sung a la Tiny Tim)
This entire week, we had training conferences for leaders in the mission (Asistentes al Presidente, Líderes de zona y distrito, y trainers). So I spent the majority of the week outside of my area, while my companion traveled about with another Hermana, keeping Monte Grande (and a city called Cañuelas) in line. I, in turn, learned for hours and hours and did practices of teaching techniques, and was reconverted to the importance of, well, just about everything: the Book of Mormon, church attendance, baptism, listening to the Spirit, and being sincere in general. Bwaa! I loved it so much!
The most important advice I could ever give to anyone: read the Book of Mormon! Whatever your motivation may (or may not) be, just please read it. I promise you it will bless your life.

Aaaanywho....Our Ward Mission Leader in Monte Grande is so awesome. He´s like what would happen if you mixed Rocky with Bocceli and a happy Ricky Ricardo with a splash of Speedy Gonzalez. What´s not to like!? Just for the record.

I´m trying to think of things to tell you, but nothing comes to mind. Hmmm. I´ve thought about how I could live in Monte Grande after the mission. I´d work with the Mensah family doing tourism, I´d live with the Morenos, and spend weekends singing at the club in Banfield with Hermano Diaz. Done. And EVERY DAY I would spend HOURS talking about gospel insights with everyone in their homes. There´s never enough time to mention all the ins and outs of any given doctrinal concept. THAT is why they must have invented mate (pronounced ¨MAH´tay). You just sit around with people, passing this cup around and philosophizing instead of taking the siesta. Okay, maybe not INSTEAD of taking the siesta, but maybe right before the siesta. I don´t know if I could ever sleep this much...

Hey! Mom´s birthday´s coming up! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! Jonathan is getting baptized on your birthday. Felicitaciones! (to you both, I suppose.)

Random babbling done!

I love you all very very mucho, and expect to keep up the kiss-on-the-cheek way of saying hi when I´m back, so get practicin´!

Thank you very much for your prayers and support and incredible personalities and will power. Family, friends, and any mixture of the two, you are ze bessst!

Have a fabulous week! Do something nice for someone! aaaaand keep SMILING!!!

Hermana Lindquist

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