Thursday, December 17, 2009


Another fast-email day.

Something that Elder Bednar taught in a talk I once saw and that he emphasized when he came to speak to us missionaries here: The most common question he´s asked is ¨How do I know if it´s the Spirit talking, or if it´s just me?¨ His response: Quit worrying! Just be a good girl/boy and do good. Spiritual promptings are not always earth-shaking. Sometimes they´re far from it. If something entices to do good, just do it without worrying about whether you´re making it up.
I loved that.

So hey! Everything´s happy-go-lucky here in Argentina. the song ¨Simply havin´a wonderful Christmas time...¨ just came on. I love this song! I´m gonna go try and sing some nice Christmas hymns now.

I love you!

Hermana Lindquist

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  1. I for one miss reading about Hermana Linquist's experiences. Hope everything is going great for her.