Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Burzaco = happyland


I´m gonna try and find me a way to record my voice and send that in this emails every now and again. That´d be loads of fun!
Hermana Bushman and I are absolutely in love with Burzaco. The ward is really mobilizing lately. It´s very exciting to see the members getting excited about missionary work. It´s true that we hold great power as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. With the understanding that we have of this world and our purpose in it, we are able to stand confidently in the midst of the storms of life. And not only that, but we are able to walk into stomrs when necessary and grab hold of those who are lost and hurting, blinded by sadness and pain, and bring them to light and joy. I know that Jesus Christ really is the light of the world. Those who choose to open their eyes see that light and are drawn to it. And best of all: His arms are open to receive.

Thank you all for offering to send me things I need. I´ll be sure to let you all know as needs arise. I really appreciate how eager everyone is to offer support. You all rock!....AND roll!!

Hey, this internet café has eclectic taste in music:
If I can´t have you, I don´t want nobody baby...
Octups´ Garden
My darlin´ I can´t get enough of your love baabe...

Please send a special HOLA to the Atkinsons, Longs, the singles branch in general and Sis. Reas. And hola to anyone else you see that I know. Odds are I´d say hello to them too. :)

I love you family!


Hermana (Hija, Tía, etc.) Lindquist

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