Wednesday, March 31, 2010


That´s Saaaaaamoan for ¨¡Hola!¨

So hey! I´s gots only a few minutes because todays transfer day and there have been a TON (yes, 2000 pounds) of changes and movin´ and a´shakin´. Hermana Delgado is flying home to Peru today. And tomorrow, I´m receiving a new missionary. I´m to train her in the ways of the Mission Buenos Aires South. Wowza! It seems every day I learn that I´m so much weaker than I think I am, yet I find such great strength in leaning on the Lord. I´m confident He´ll help me out in this here training business. :) Everything is splendid and I love the mission oh so much.

Happy Easter! I love you all muchisimo. One day, I´ll tell you to your face. For now, I say it behind your back.... jaja (<-Spanish laugh) Hahahaha I get such a kick out of Spanish laughs.

Okay, I´m not making sense and I gotta get.

Smiles and hugs and rainbows!!!!
Hermana Lindquist

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