Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Monday!

Call me lazy, but I just love this ¨copy whatever I wrote to President and send it home¨ thing. Very nice:
¨I need to practice greeting in different languages: there are people from all over the world here in Buenos Aires! Fun global moment: Hermana Delgado and I were walking along and noticed a beautiful painting on a building. We then realized there was a man sitting there painting on the finishing touches of his autograph. We stopped to talk with him and shortly met two more of his friends. They´re two young grafiti artists from Brazil and one friend from Argentina. Very nice and very interested in Jesus Christ and the importance of serving a mission for him. So there we stood, two Brazilians, an Argentine, a Peruvian and an American - four countries standing in a small children´s park sharing our love for life and the gospel. We´re sending the references along, and I just can´t wait to hear back about when they´re getting baptized. I thought about the prophecy of the Gospel going forth to every nation and every tongue; I find myself so grateful to live in an age when it´s so easy to meet people from all over the world. The rate at which the gospel rolls forth is sure to speed along faster and faster.¨

So that´s a piece of what I told President Asay this week. La Plata really is full of all sorts of different people. I am just loving it. There´s an especially large number of Peruvians it seems. I don´t know if it´s just because my companion is from Lima and there´s some sort of patriotic attraction that draws more Peruvians to our path, or if the Lord knows they´re especially prepared, or if there really are just a ton of them. It´s probably a delicious mixture of the three. Coolest PERU moment: I got a referral for the Trujillo mission! Don´t tell Elder Reas though. I want it to be a surprise. :)

I´m off to meet new people and boldly go where no Hna. Lindquist has gone before....and some places where she has. It´s all in the agenda, don´t worry. :)

I love you all and hope you´re smilin´ it up! I know this life is meant to bring us experience and joy. That is acquired and amplified by th gospel of Jesus Christ. Life and light: seek them, cherish them, and spread them around.


Hermana Lindquist

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