Wednesday, March 31, 2010


If you wanna see some pictures, I think you can add ¨Hermana Crook¨ on facebook and find some from this morning. Also, Destinee Bushman. There are some others, but those two in particular I believe will have some. I´m hoping to send some soon. :)

Yesterday four people were baptized. Four wonderful kids from two different wonderful families. Each family has a long, complicated story but upon feeling the spirit of the baptismal service, many people decided to make some very important changes. Many in the congregation rededicated themselves to serving the Lord with greater faith and confidence. It was a beautiful experience that I know will be etched in the memory of the members of the ward here for years to come. Please pray for the missionary work in your areas. And if you´re reading this and you´re not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, please pray for the missionaries still. The work they´re doing in your hometown is a labor of love and happiness. The message they bear will do more to end sadness and inequality and depravity than any other work any other people can do. And if you´re not one to say prayers, try it out. Many talk of seeking learning and experience in the world, but few are those who take the steps toward really learning. I know and I testify that we have a Father in Heaven who is the Author of all and knows well His creations. He´s ready and willing to teach. He just needs willing students. You and I are His children. Think about that claim. Think about all you´ve heard said and taught about the nature of God. Ponder your own understanding of Him. And then consider what it means to be His son or daughter. I promise you that if you thus do and then you take your thoughts to Him in prayer and ask for His direction, you will receive it abundantly. There is a spirit that teaches men to pray. There is a spirit that teaches men not to pray. Whether you pray or not, you are responding to the influence of one of these spirits. In like manner, one of these spirits leads to spiritual bondage while the other leads to liberty and eternal life. I know and feel very strongly that the spirit that entices a person to pray is the spirit that is sent forth by the power of God. That God is our Father who desires our freedom and eternal happiness. Such rewards are reserved for those who diligently seek them. Seek in prayer and you will find. That´s a promise! In like manner, your prayers in behalf of the missionaries will allow them to find others who are seeking and offer them the keys to true happiness. In other words, the missionaries can bring them the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That really does bring joy and freedom. Piénselo. :)

Argentina says HI! Actually, it says, ¨Hola buen día¨. Actually a lot of people in the street, instead of saying ¨Hola¨ say ¨Chao¨ or ¨Adios¨ when you say hi to them. It´s a cultural thing. And hey, why not start a conversation backwards? Makes for a fun time. While you´re at it, try walking backwards and wearing shoes on your hands. Oh for the fun of living!

Giant hugs to you all!! I love you and am muuuy contenta. Please take care and smile big often. Whenever you realize you´re not smiling, smile! Then you´ll find your always smiling. Happiness takes work, and sometimes a good memory. Reming yourself with a smile! :) :) :)

Peace love and daisies,

Hermana Lindquist

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