Monday, June 21, 2010

Feliz Día a Todos!

What an eventful week this has been! I´ve had three companions this week: my beloved Hermana Petrick, and then an exchange with one Hermana Crawford in an area called El Dorado (¨..the magnificent....El Doraaaaado¨), and now with my NEW companion, Hermana Hill! Yes, hermanos y hermanas, I have left La Plata. Yes, it broke my heart, but I know that Montegrande (my new area) is where I´m most needed right now. Why else would the Lord send me here? As one of the recent converts in La Plata said when I told him I was leaving, ¨Well, I needed you here, and maybe the Lord has other people like me there that need you too.¨ Touched my heart very deeply.

The new mission president comes in this transfer. We said our goodbyes to President and Sis. Asay this morning. What a strong example of humble, intelligent, and loving service he has been. His motto is that we just need to be obedient and work. Obedience and work - they´re so key!

Oh hey! I testify that knowledge and learning can be sought anywhere. In respect of National Flag day, I impressed some members the other day with a bit of Argentine history I had learned about the designer of the Argentine flag (General Belgrano). Information that I had learned by reading a dollar (peso) bill one day. There are tidbits of historical fun in everything we see and do, it seems. Which randomly reminds me, I want to read the Old Testament. I´ve yet to master that one. Stream of consciousness writing. Ice cream. Mundial (World Cup). 80s music. Primary hymns. Sister Hill´s great. Done! :)

I have so much to tell you all! I think I´ll try to do some voice recordings somehow....someday....

And hey! Somebody hug Brandon for me!! While your at it, hug the person next to you. There we go. Everyone just be happy and hug and love each other. Life is worth living because the gospel is true! I love you all and pray for you always. At least a lot more often than I write. But that´s probably not saying that much, huh? Oh well. suffice it to say, I´m always praying for you folk! I also have a testimony that we can be the answer to other people´s prayers. Oh oh oh! Read Moroni 7:31, and then be angels! It´s great doctrine!

Alright, I´ll stop for now. Smiles and rainbows to all!

Hermana Lindquist

p.s. I told you I´d send you pictures, but I have to get them from Hna. Petrick. Not sure when or how....

p.p.s. Remind me to tell you about my Bishop´s advice regarding James Taylor´s song ¨Carolina on My Mind¨ and my mission.

Songs I´ve heard in the last 1/2 hour in the street/here in the cyber: Carma Chameleon, I´m never gonna give you up (never gonna let you go), Rock With You (M. Jackson), The Heart of Rock ´n´ Roll, In the Name of Love (U2). Now I´m off to sing hymns and get the others outta my brain. :)

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