Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Mary Day!

(Mary's Birthday is January 9th)

This is the first I´ve touched a computer in weeks. It´s been weird because of the phonecall and the holidays. We´´ve had the holidays be our p-days, but the thing is NOTHING is open in Argentina on holidays. Whateryagonnado. And now I have about 10 minutes. Wild and crazy pdays!
Please say hi and ¨te quiero¨ to all the family. They´re super.
I just picked up some mail from the offices but haven´t had time to open it yet. I think it´s those letters you speak of. Thank you so much for doing that. You and the ward. My goodness I love the church!
AH! I wish I had more time, because there´s so much to say!
These last couple weeks have been crrrrazy and filled with baptismal drama. Here´s the thing: A bunch of investigators want to get baptized, but they´re not married, or there are legal complications, or.....Basically the Adversary is finding every way possible to discourage people from coming unto their Father. Don´t worry though! Heavenly Father has shown time and time again that He is very aware of the challenges of His children, and we´re finding solutions so that EVERYONE can be baptized and welcomed into their ward family.

Oh hey! Next week I´ll try to send some photos of our Christmas festivities. To start the day, I made frenchy toast with a dulce de leche syrup concoction (hooray for sugar!), then we carved a gourd. HAHAHAHA! It´s funny ´cause it´s true. We cooked its insides and ate them, and with the outside shell, we made drinking vessels (which sounds more impressive than shanty cups). We then ate lunch with an Hermana in our ward. And she gave us each these beautiful home made necklaces. We then went and called our homes. That was awesome! Thank you all! Then we went back home and finished the evening out by constructing make-shift gingerbread houses, with Baggley brand crackers as the gingerbread, and dulce de leche as the cream and a knock-off Fruitloop brand cereal as decorations. Yay Christmas!
New Year´s was very tranquilo. We sat in the shade of our jungle garden and chatted over ice cream, wrote some letters, and thought. (We couldn´t be outside of our pensions much on the holidays.) Hermana Norby and I solved many of the world´s problems beneath the shade of dem trees. Basically it comes down to trusting in Heavenly Father and living the gospel - actively!

I gotta go! Muchos saludos, abrazos, sonrisas, felicidades, besitos, etc. etc. etc


  1. Just hearing Mary's "voice" through her letter makes me smile!

  2. Merry, merry Mary! We love you and sure appreciate the work you are doing spreading sunshine and learning about how wonderful all of the children of God are. Don't you just love the world!!