Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fo Da Peeples

A week of conversion, testimony sharing, walnut harvesting, dog-dodging, and hour after hour of pure gospel-sharing goodness. I love being a missionary!
This week, Hermana Hill and I met many people who have lost loved ones. Two older men stand out in my mind. One man lost his wife two years ago, and he says he relives it every day. Tears fill his eyes as he describes how fervently he´s prayed for peace and closure but has been unable to find it. The other man lives with his wife, who lost the great part of her consciousness in recent years. He looks at her lovingly, she lying in bed unresponsive, and he chokes up as he recalls years past when she was his right-hand and they worked together to do a number of great projects.
For both of these men, there is a clear need and an apparent desire to understand this life. It is true that sadness and disappointment are a shared heritage. Some suffer more than others. Why? I wish I had more time to write all my thoughts on the matter. Suffice it to say, I know that to every trial there is a lesson, and in every event there is purpose. Heavenly Father laughs when we laugh and cries when we cry, but He does so with an advanced understanding and a faith unchangeable. He knows the rewards that await us, and He does all in His power to teach us how to receive them. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to suffer. He sent Him to die. But more than this, He sent Him to live. And live He does! I know as well that both of these men I met this week will find great joy and consolance in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because it truly is the ¨power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth¨ (Romans 1:16). Life is hard sometimes, but it never ceases to be a miracle. And a beautiful one at that!

Speaking of hard times, you may have heard that Argentina is out of the World Cup. Siiiigh. :)

I love you all from the depths of my steadily beating lil´ heart! Monte Grande is happy and thriving and begging to hear the gospel, so for now I sign off.

Happiness and smiles and LOVE,

Hermana Lindquist

p.s. Some have asked what to send. Thank you for desires to share! If´n ya still got the notion, please send pancake recipe or other ¨American¨ recipes (I´m still not sure what that entails), marshmallows, knee highs, addresses of Granny and other southern relatives, and random motivational notes for investigators. That would be awesome! Thank you very much. And íf´n you don´t got the notion, don´t worry your pretty little heads. All is well here! Gracias!

p.p.s. The internet café this week is featuring the following songs: Radio Gaga, Ladies´ Night (Ooo whatta night), Oh LaMoure, etc.

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  1. Granny is well and love you very much, as do I. I will email the addresses and things you asked about. I too know that all things work together for good as we seek for and follow the light. Your mission is de-light-ful...full of the light!
    Love, Mom