Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Eric´s birthweek!

Yay Eric!!! You da best! I´ll be sure Argentina celebrates your birth as well. Don´t you worry, I´ll sing to you in the streets. :)

I was thinking about tithing and thought, What if all my thoughts and actions had dollar value? What percentage am I dedicating to the Lord? It should be much more than 10% that´s for sure!

Boom! Hahahahaha. My Peruvian friends here always say ¨Boom!¨ when they´re excited, kind of like some people say ¨Boo-ya!¨

I love the Family Proclamation. The world needs to know these truths! Click here and read, thinking about your own family and personal goals. How can the gospel of Jesus Christ help you reach them? I promise you that it can. I know that the Gospel exists to bless families. As birthday-boy Eric would say, ¨Joy!¨

This week, a faithful investigator suddenly disappeared. His aunt called us to tell he´d moved back home to Chaco - a different province here in Argentina. Quite a shock, as he was preparing to be baptized on July 31. When we were planning, we though about him and what we should do with the plans we´d made. We felt that we should save them and that surely this wasn´t the end. A day or so later, we received a phonecall from the Misión Resistencia. An Elder on the other end of the line informed us that they had found Angel (the investigator) and that he would still be getting baptized on the 31. Turns out Angel´s new neighbor in Chaco had been receiving the missionaries, and when Angel moved in, she invited Angel to meet the missionaries. They met him, he informed them he needed to get baptized, and they called us to fill us in. What a relief and a blessing! Angel is in for some very happy times as the Lord keeps being a part of his daily life. You just can´t get away from the truth! :)

I hope you all had a fantastic 4 of July. Argentina celebrated her independence on the 9th. From what I understand, Peru on the 7th. Yay liberty!

I know the Lord is alive and well, constantly involved in His work. Setting the example like always! Hence, we too should be involved in His work. I´m so grateful to be a missionary. I´m grateful for the sacrifice and support of all you fantastic family and friends, who help me be capable of doing what the Lord has commanded me to do. Thank you!

Nos vemos amigos!
Smiles and hugs,

Hna. Lindquist

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