Monday, August 9, 2010


Remember when I was in Burzaco? Yeah, me too. It was great! Well, one of my last visits to the familia Infante there, I talked with a friend of the family who had come into town to visit and was in that moment leaving on his bike. I invited him to learn more, took down his address, and sent it to the missionaries of the area he belonged to. A simple ¨contact,¨ in missionary speak. This would have been back in December, por allí. Bueno, I just heard today from the Infantes that he got baptized the day before yesterday and received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday. Wow!

Hermana Hill and I approached the ¨rejas¨ (outter fence) of a home the other day, and we clapped our hands. A young couple appeared, and before we could even say who we were or what we were doing there, they were looking for the key to let us in. I was very surprised, and looked at my companion, and then looked at them and asked, ¨Where you expecting us?¨ I thought they must have mistaken us for some maintanence workers they´d been awaiting or something. We entered and shared briefly with them. They explained that they NEVER let people they don´t know enter, but they knew and felt that we were sent by the Lord. Plus, my companion, as she prayed in their home, made a particular petition in a blessing on the home and the couple said they prayed for that very thing every night. The Spirit was strong.
As it turns out, they are good friends with a member family that live in the same block. The man said that for the past 30ish years, the example of that family has been an invaluable example of goodness, love, and true Christianity. This young couple asked us for a Book of Mormon (again, before we even mentioned it), and has since found great peace and happiness in their home. So much so, that they asked the member family for another so that they could each read and mark and study more profoundly. I know that in homes where the Book of Mormon is read regularly, there is peace and harmony and great happiness.

I waited a few months before I knew my testimony had such a great influence on that man in Burzaco. The family in Monte Grande lived 30 years preaching to their neighbor by example. So many times, we don´t know how great an influence we have on others, but influence we do; whether we like it or not! So learn to love your influence and make it positive. :)

In a letter to the *200+ missionaries here in Buenos Aires South, our beloved President Stapley wrote the following: ¨I hope you will be focused on the Doctrine of Christ and that you are working on love and obedience. If you do this with passion and a smile and you are working hard to get better every day, you will see everything improve.¨ It´s so true.

*Fun fact! The Buenos Aires South mission is the largest in South America in terms of number of missionaries.
¨El evangelio no reta. El evangelio recuerda.¨ (-Hermana Moreno of Monte Grande)
¨Si esto no fuera verdadero, tengo muchas cosas más importantes que hacer. Si no estuviera la Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Ultimos Días, lo estaría buscando.¨ (-Hno. Dias of Monte Grande)

Could you please send photos of Blake´s and Eric´s weddings, and more of da family! I love showing people who you all are, and they love seeing you!
Kristin Long: I´ve decided when we get a fainting goat, we will name one Ammon, and another King Lamoni.
Bev: Hermana Hill and HER sister belt out the song, ¨I Wanna Dance With Somebody!¨ while driving too!
Blake: Hermana Hill says having an appendix removed is no fun. She sends her condolances.
Mom: What city in Arizona are you in?
Ingrid: How big´s your belly?
Russ: How´s da espanish??
Eric: Please say hi to the beach for me. You and I have a snorkeling trip ahead of us. Summer 2011!
Randy: Brazilians are really cool!
Dad: See if you can replace the shoulder with a robot go-go-gadget arm instead of mere mortal flesh.
Brandon: I love you! You make the best decisions, and I trust them mucho. :)

I love you all very much! Thank you so much for everything.

Hermana Lindquist

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