Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just enough time to tell ya I´m alive

And there ya have it! I live! But yeah, I have about thirty seconds. Sorry! And this week was soooo good! We had a baptism, a birthday party for a woman who´s been alone for years, a tango-singing competitcion in the chapel, many an inspiring lesson, and a total renovation in Hermana Hill and my´s weekly planning methods. We´re are bound and determined to help the most people possible and in the best ways!

Happy Aniversario de la muerte de San Martín!! He´s a big deal. Ask half of South America about it.

I love you all mucho! Thank you for everything!

Hermana Lindquist

p.s. Brandon, my buddy Ida says to say hi to you. She´s from Trujillo, and you served there, so you´re practically already best friends. There ya have it!
Mom, I learned this week that you´re amazing. I´ll write later. If not, remind me to tell you about the lunch with the Pederson family. It´s code.... :)
Dad, could you please send me your chocolate cake recipe. I´ll try my hand at it....
p,p,s the song Total Eclipse of the Heart has been chasing me. Today, we literally ran away from it. The music video was playing in the restaraunt we were in. Talk about temptation to watch t.v.! But, like good ol´ Joseph of Egypt (who I´ve been studying and am completely in love with), we ran!

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