Monday, May 17, 2010

Buuuuuuenas taaaaaardes!!!!

Hello everyone!
Hey fun stuff: Ingrid tells me there will be tie-dieing festivities for Bev´s birthday. And ya know what? I proposed a tie-dieing day for our zone activity on p-day, and we´re totally doing it! The whole world is going to be so colorful and beautiful! (At least Lakeside and La Plata anyway.)
Other fun stuff (can ¨stuff¨ be singular?): There was a new family in church yesterday, and upon meeting them it turns out they just moved here ten days ago from Trujill, Perú. ¿Trujillo Perú?? Why yes! And guess who helped them with their move? Elder Reas. ¿¿¿¿Elder Reas?? AAA!!! Hahahaha. I nearly exploded with joy on this family. It was awesome. So now I get to help them move in, which means Elder Reas and I will be involved in the same international service project. ¡Qué mundo más feliz!

I love the variety of people in the world. I don´t want to sound like a broken record, but.....THE WORLD IS AWESOME!! (besides, some broken records have a somewhat pleasing sound. Just gotta add a bass riff or something to offset the squeeling.) And the Gospel is the most joyful, fluid, all-encompassing element that drives both man and nature to perform at their level of greatest brilliance and beauty. Jesus Christ lives. He´s plead for us before, and He continues that loving duty now. I know that those who have faith to reach out and take His hand soar to greater heights than the natural man see. I know that when promises and covenants are extended and accepted in His name, they are real and eternal. I know that the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. I know this! Who am I to know any of this? No one! The world teaches an underlying assumption in much of its doctrine: that the best things are for extraordinary people; that unless we´re totally different and have all the attention from any given clique, we don´t deserve reward or full joy. Not so Mr. Mundo! ¨Ordinary people¨ are gods and goddesses in embryo and as such have great potential to do and receive good. The only requisite is in the asking. Humility, faith, diligence, desire - these qualify all who apply them for the gifts and rights and priviliges of Heaven.
These and other precious truths were restored to Joseph Smith - an ¨ordinary¨ farm boy who had the faith to open his mouth and ask. He asked Heavenly Father where to find truth. That loving Father opened His mouth to respond. And more! He opened the Heavens to respond! The truth wasn´t to be found anywhere on earth at the moment Joseph began his prayer. However, when he prayed, God the Father and Jesus Christ revealed Themselves. They revealed to him the truth. They prepared him to be a prophet. Through Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ restored His church and His Gospel. Cheap copies and imitations could no longer hold their weight. The great stone ¨cut without hands¨ was set rolling and now destroys doubt and confusion throughout the world (Dan. 2:34). I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet, and that He saw God the Father and Jesus Christ in the flesh. What a privilege!
And what a privilege I have to be in Buenos Aires sharing these ¨glad tidings of great joy¨! The same privilege is available to all! Share the gospel. If you don´t have it, or don´t believe it, seek it first and then share it. The Lord has extended promises of exceeding joy and protection and peace to those who go out in His name. So take a walk around the block and help those who are ¨suffering in unbelief¨ or who are kept from the truth simply because they know not where to find it (Doctrine and Covenants 123:12, 61:3).

Happy days and rainbows to you all!!

Hermana Lindquist (AKA Hna. Lindskee, Lindswkwisky, etc.)

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