Monday, May 31, 2010


(Except from a letter to the Mission President)
Last week, we taught a group of men who live together in a pensión a few basic principles about the Restoration and arranged to return another day. When we returned (yesterday), one of them greeted us by telling us he knew it was true. Well great! When we entered, they had two other friends visiting, one of which greeted us by informing us that he frequents the Institute and knows the Church pretty well, but he hasn´t yet been baptized and isn´t sure why. Well...great! We sat with the 4 men, and our splendid ward member who accompanied us, and we discussed the principles of the lesson of the Restoration and taught of Joseph Smith and the First Vision, and the true Church of Jesus Christ restored the the Earth. The men expressed feelings of joy and told us they were intrigued by it all. We invited them to be baptized: ¨¿Será bautizado?¨ One replied in a conversational tone, ¨Seguro.¨ We asked another, who exclaimed, ¨¡Seguro!¨ Another insists he has no interest in religion. The last says he´s not sure, but he wants to pray about the truth of Joseph Smith´s story - ¨with all my heart¨ - to know if it´s true. We have a cita with him in 25 minutes. SUPER great!
I´m so grateful the Lord´s allowed me to meet these people and have some sort of part in their eternal progression. What a humbling honor!

I know the Church is true and that Christ directs it with His careful, ever-guiding hand. I know that missionary work is the work of the Father. I´ve been reading a lot about that in the last few books of 3 Nephi as well as elsewhere in the scriptures. Joyful news, the gospel we´ve got!¨

So, that´s what I wrote to Pres. Asay this week. I´m realizing more and more how blessed I am to have been able to enter into the baptismal covenant earlier in life and what a great Guide the Holy Ghost has been to me throughout my life. So many live without that supernal blessing of the gift of the Holy Ghost. There is a much safer, much happier, and much clearer way of life: that´s what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about!

Random fun 1: I went shopping at Walmart today. Say whaaa?? Yeah. I found Newman´s salad dressing and Campbell´s soup in the foreign foods section. Ha! Twilight Zone quality paradigm shift right thar.
Random fun 2: I think I´m getting fat. Ha! One investigator gets a kick out of pointing that out to me and then inviting us to lunch. Fine by me!

Important random fun: Hermana Petrick is the rad. It´s da truth!!! Companion unity is so incredibly important, and we have just been learning so much together, making and reaching goals, working on developing Christlike attributes with each other´s help, and eating chocolatey alfajores whenever the other pleases. Yay unity! :)

I can not thank you enough for your support, every one of my friends and family that have been so kind to me, have always had great senses of humor, and always sought to do so much good for others. I can´t get over how much I love you all! I often find myself thinking, ¨I wish so-and-so could meet this investigator. They´d be great buds.¨

Over and out!

Hermana Lidnquistky

Hermana Lindquist

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