Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

We got of the train a little bit ago, after having attended a lovely transfer meeting. It´s so strange to see such close friends leave the mission. The scary part is they all say that it goes by fast. And boy howdy is that true. I´m working on making time stand still though. I´ll let you know how any experimenting with that goes. :)
I LOOOOOOOOOOVE La-La-La-La-La-LOVE La PLATA! And I´m so grateful to have another transfer here. Hermana Petrick and I are so excited for the people we´re working with. So many be-a-u-tiful souls, filled with enthusiasm and faith. We are so blessed and privileged to be here and know them.

Here´s part of my letter to the Pres. (I changed names so as to respect involved parties.):

¨Buen día President Asay!
This morning you asked me how our week had gone...We saw some very pleasant moments, including this inspiring charla we had with two distinct investigators at the same time. Jorge has been investigating for a couple months now, and he has made tremendous changes, but he´s having trouble leaving the cigarettes behind. Francisco is a man we met a week or two ago and have only taught once. He quit smoking about six months ago. So, in our first charla with him, we asked him to accompany us the next day to visit Jorge and help encourage him to quit smoking. The next day, Francisco came as planned, and he and Jorge taught each other priceless lessons. I think it was especially beneficial for Jorge because he really was teaching! He´s already had all the lessons, so as we were going over charla 3 (el Evangelio), Jorge was bearing his testimony, expounding doctrines, and applying his scriptural study. Francisco drunk in the experience and shared his own as well. Hermana Petrick and I relied on the scriptures to guide the charla. It was beautiful. The Spirit was so strong. The next day was Sunday. Hermana Petrick and I arrived to see the two men seated together in sacrament meeting.
These experiences are invaluable. We´re going to work hard to make sure they´re more common here in La Plata during this new transfer. Thank you o much for transfer meeting. I´m going to miss those missionaries that left. I feel so privileged to serve in such a strong mission, with so many marvelous Elders and Sisters - missionaries of the Lord´s church. It´s one of the greatest blessings I´ve ever experienced.¨

I know the Lord lives. Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of the world, and the head of this the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I love you all so much!! Thank you very much for all you do and are.


Hermana Lindquist

p.s. A special shout out to all my loving mothers - you know who you are! (and yes, Ingrid, you count, even though you technically are my sister. Whatevvvv.) And especially to my Mom-mom, the lovely Carol Worthy! The most splendid lady in all the land. I love you Mom!

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