Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Monte Grande is fine and dandy, but at the moment, I´ve not time to elaborate. Oh noooo! But hey! Here´s something from the Mission President. President Stapley´s message to the mission this week:
Being happy is one of the values of the Misión Argentina Buenos Aires Sur. I hope that in these long days of summer we can find those little but important things that can make us happy. A philosopher once said: ´Human happiness often is not achieved with great strokes of luck which may occur rarely, but little things that happen every day.´ There are many little things that the Lord provides us every day that can make us happy. Benjamin Franklin once said: ¨The real secret of happiness is to require a lot of oneself and little from others.´ Our happiness many times can be found within each of us. The Lord has said: ´Man is that he might have joy.´ There are so many things the Lord has provided us from which we can find happiness. I hope we can find the things within our grasp that will make us happy. It is a gift from God.

Con amor,
Presidente Stapley

Thank you all for your prayers and happiness and support! Que el Señor les conceda todo lo bueno que busquen!

Hugs and sunshine,

Hermana Lindquist

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