Tuesday, May 3, 2011

¨Happy happy Monday children dear....¨ 1/24/11

¨....happy days will come to you all year. If I had a wish than it would be: a happy happy Monday to you from meeeeee!¨
Not to mention the happy Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and so on that I wish you.

My favorite moment of the week was when one of our fabulous investigators made me speechless by announcing that he was ready to be baptized. He had had SO many problems that were keeping him down, and I had wondered and prayed, and spoken with him often on the subject. Then, we arrived at his house, and as he offered us galletitas and jugo (as all good Argentines do), he announced that it was time. The most overwhelming joy just filled me right up! I just smiled huge and tried to find some sort of words to express congratulations, but nothing came. He just laughed at me and (if I remember correctly) asked ¨Is that alright?¨ Ha! Well of course! Later, he testified in a class at church of how sincerely he´d sought forgiveness and relief for his sins and mistakes throughout his laugh, and he´s finally going to feel it. And it will be registered in the Heavens this Friday! We´re very very excited.

Meanwhile, various members have offered me their homes for after the mission. And the temptation continues to grow...

Oh! You don´t know my new companion yet! Her name´s Hermana Zapata. And YES, she is a descendent of THE Zapata of Mexican history fame. Does that make me a Zapatista? I don´t know. I DO know that she is fantastic. She´s serving a ¨mini-mission¨. In other words, her mission is shorter than the usual mission experience. She started last Tuesday, and after our 6 weeks together, she´ll finish. I tell you whhhat, she is one well-prepared sister. I´m very grateful to be with her. A grand pleasure for all!

Right then! The radio is asking, ¨Where is the love?¨ so I suppose it´s time to conclude the letter and express my love for you all. So here is the love:
IIIIIII LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU! Les amo muchísimo! I´m very happy to have such honorable, happy, kind, driven people as family and friends. Thank you so very much for all the good you do! I appreciate it, and I´m sure the world is a better place for every good thing you do - big, small, medium, and the occasional super-sized. :)

Muchas sonrisas y más abrazos!
Hermana Lindquist

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