Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Sandra and Rocio got baptized! They were so happy! And Hermana Zapata was able to come and see her, even though she just barely missed the actual baptism. Wait, I don´t have to call her by her last name anymore. Oh well, I like it.
Sandra was just overcome with joy. She can hardly wait for next Sunday, when she´ll receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. The most precious present the Lord´s provided for His children. And *no one need wait til Christmas nor their birthday for this gift! It´s available year round! Por lo tanto, bautizáos! O vosotros, extremos de la tierra! (Therefore, be baptized!) I would love to be baptized. If you´ve not done it before, consider it: you can be washed clean of sin and its related effects of remorse, sorrow, and guilt. And if you have done it, I´ll see you at sacrament meeting, where we can renew that cleansing and be filled with good feelings! It is quite a lovely plan, the plan of our Heavenly Father. And it is a joyful thing to find that trust in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Happy birthdays to Ray and Dan and Breylnn! and others! And happy unbirthday to those unmentioned!
Have I tooooold you lately that I love....Peruvians. Seriously. Buena gente. Just ask Yda. The woman´s been waiting to be baptized for years, but has some documents she has to go to Peru to get in order to be able to. So, I told her to pack her bags, and we´ll just go together. She makes beautiful handcrafted dolls and boxes and knickknacks and paddywacks; I can play the spoons. Together, we´ll make a living on the road and arrive to beautiful Perú where all our dreams can come true. ¨We´re gonna make it after aaalll!¨ Meanwhile, she serves in the church and dedicates so much time to her famliy and their spiritual growth, when others could easily throw down their arms in hopelessness. Not Yda! She is a faithful fighter, and I love her for it. So keep watching for the up-and-coming baptismal announcement from our beloved Hermana Yda.

*no one, EXCEPT children under the age of 8. Yeah, you do have to wait for your birthday. But you´ve got the Spirit for being so clean and innocent, so hooray!

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