Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Boo-way-gnaws tar-days! (it´s Spanish, I tells ya!)

President´s Message:
Thank you for your letters and your consistent hard work every day. As each of you know a major theme of our mission is to help our missionaries become more like Christ. Elder Scott taught, ¨We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become.¨ Change does not happen magically at the end of your mission; it happens by constantly doing what the Lord wants you to do each day. The result is righteous character which is a precious manifestation of what you are becoming and is more precious than any object you own. We love each of you very much.
President Stapley

Good day you beautiful people you!

Now then, this week I told the story of ¨The Boy Who Cried ´Wolf´¨ to get a little boy to not lie. Only little detail is that he didn´t have a toy wolf to use to illustrate the story, so I changed it to ¨The Boy Who Cried ´Crazed Llama, Gigantic Turtle, and Man-Eating Elephant´¨. We work with the tools we´re given.
I like that Alice in Wonderland is nigh on to scripture these days. Ever since the Prophet quoted the Chesire cat, we´re ALL quoting the Chesire cat. (See ¨The Three Rs of Choice¨, last General Conference)

Bwa! Ya tengo que irme! Bueno, les amo mucho. Les agradezco mucho, y por muchas cosas. Que anden en la luz. Felicided y amor son reales! Pueden ser suyos, si guarda los mandamientos de Dios.

Hermana Lindquist y Monte Grande

p.s. I didn´t even mention this! AAA! Okay, quick: Sandra got confirmed yesterday. Her dad secretly traveled from the north of the country to be able to confirm her. She had no idea he´d be able to be there. She was overwhelmed with joy when she saw him. A longer version of this story will be told another day....

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